– is a project of the startup entrepreneur and photographer Maxim Moneta, project as it is was founded in the 2012 in Söderhamn (Sweden) and later moved to Stockholm with an author.

History of the project goes back to Kyiv (Ukraine) and year 2008, when Maxim together with friends organized photo meetups, trips, music events just for fun – to gather friends and have more active leisure. Project was called Web Buzz Me!

Swedish story of the project and local mentality difference has changed the project to more like collaboration of photographers, but plans about expansion to the events and more fun never left the mission and the goal. Initial name of this collaboration was Zebra Production.

Time for the new glory of Your Photo! Just contact Maxim to join the club and let’s make a lot of noise, everyone is welcome – photographers, models, make up artists, hobby models, photo studio owners, video nerds etc